You've already learned how to use the command-line interface to do some things. This chapter documents all the available commands.

To get help from the command-line, simply call meld to see the complete list of commands, then --help combined with any of those can give you more information.


meld new project

This command will help you kickstart your new Meld project by creating a directory structure suitable for most projects.

meld new project meld-example

will create a folder as follows:

├── app
│   └──
│   └── meld
│   └── static
│   └── templates
│   └──
├── tests
└── requirements.txt

meld new component

This command will create a template and a component file with the given name.

meld new component meld_component
├── app
│   └── meld
│       └── components
│           └──
│       └── templates
│           └── meld_component.html