Getting Started

Project setup

Create a new project

First, let's create our new project, let's call it meld-example:

meld new project meld-example

This will create the meld-example directory with the following content:

├── app
│   └──
│   └── meld
│   │   └── components
│   │   └── templates
│   └── static
│   └── templates
│   └──
├── tests
└── requirements.txt

Use Meld in an existing project

Meld can be added to an existing application by completing the following steps:

  • Import Meld into your application with from flask_meld import Meld
  • Initialize the Meld extension.
    • If you are using the Application Factory pattern, this means adding meld = Meld() and meld.init_app(app) in your file.
    • If using a single instead of using the init_app you can simply initialize Meld by using `Meld(app)
    • Add {% meld_scripts %} in the body of your base HTML template
    • Use the socketio server to serve your application with or to specify a port and debugging use, port=5000, debug=True)